Introducing VEEA™


NAGASE Specialty Materials introduces VEEA™ [2-(2-Vinyloxy Ethoxy) Ethyl Acrylate], a specialty monomer with a variety of performance benefits for UV/EB-curable systems. VEEA™ is highly optimized for inkjet applications, is warehoused in the US, and has regulatory approval for use in multiple countries, including but not limited to the EU, US, Canada, and China.

As a global leader in the specialty chemicals market, NAGASE supplies novel materials that can improve existing systems or be formulated in cutting edge solutions for more challenging applications. NAGASE leverages its extensive global network to curate a portfolio of cationic and free-radical solutions for unique applications.

Why Choose VEEA™?

A New Hybrid Acrylate Monomer (C₉H₁₄O₄) from NAGASE Specialty Materials
  • VEEA™’s terminal acryloyl and vinyl ether groups enable its use in both cationic and free radical UV systems, providing formulators needed flexibility in developing solutions.

  • Due to its performance properties, VEEA™ provides benefits in formulations for 3D Printing, UV inkjet, flexographic inks, or other graphic art applications. VEEA™ can also be used to obtain low viscosity EB-curable formulations.

Great Adhesion
VEEA™’s hybrid acryloyl/vinyl ether functionality provides excellent adhesion to challenging substrates such as:
Low Viscosity /
High Reactivity
  • VEEA™ is a highly reactive low viscosity diluent at room temperature (3-4 cP at 25°C) that helps ensure complete curing of coatings with various thicknesses.

  • VEEA™ allows for energy savings and easier material handling and is critical in UV-inkjet applications to achieve required viscosities without compromising cure speeds.

Formulate on the Cutting Edge

VEEA™ is a highly reactive, low viscosity diluent at room temperature that is colorless, low odor, non-volatile and non-mutagenic. Due to its terminal acryloyl and vinyl ether groups, VEEA™ can be used in free radical, cationic, and hybrid free radical/cationic UV systems, providing formulators with needed flexibility in developing solutions.

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